Online 40-30-30 Profile Calculator

Welcome to my on-line 40-30-30 profile calculator! Getting started on the Zone Diet or any other 40-30-30 nutritional plan is much easier when you know where to start. With this handy calculator you can determine your daily macronutrient intake requirements. The profile that is generated will be valuable to you once you begin planning your meals.

Instructions for the profile calculator

There are several measurements that you will need to take and these will be different for men and women. All are listed and explained for clarity but see the table below for the ones that apply to you.

Possible measurements:

Additionally you may enter your name and date of calculation. I recommend this (and that you print out the results) so that as you re-take your measurements and re-calculate from time to time you will have a record of your progress.

Remember that the male and female determinations are made differently so some differing measurements will be taken.

For men:For women:
Waist Measurement
Wrist Measurement
Activity Level
Hip Measurement
Waist Measurement
Activity Level
  Calculate male profile     Calculate female profile  

How to use your profile

Basic knowledge of the Zone Diet is prefered but regardless of your familiarity with this technology, here are the general guidelines that must be followed in order to stay "in the Zone": Note that the above suggestions do not outline the Zone Diet in its entirety. If you wish to truly follow the Zone eating plan you should begin by reading "The Zone" by Dr. Barry Sears and to learn even more, visit "The Zone Files".

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